What to know about Lanre Madiba & LANREMADIBA.COM

Who’s Lanre Madiba?

Lanre Madiba is a creative writer, a content creator and poet. He’s also a lifestyle blogger, podcaster and YouTuber. A revolutionary writer or speaker for the youths and the oppressed, a voice of his generation, one of the few who rose above the mediocrity to channel his passion into helping others recognize the limitless opportunities around them.


Born and raised on the West Side of Lagos, Nigeria. Lanre Madiba is a dream chaser, a hustler; someone who wouldn’t stop to any force in order to keep his dreams alive in the sun. His passion to inspire himself and the world with daily experiences has channeled his path as a leading role model for the youths, his readers and everyone around his figure.


To become a revolutionary leader. To become a bestselling author and writer. To become a professional footballer. To Impact an infinite amount of people. But my biggest aspiration is with the common aspiration of most humans; to see the world and us humans live a peaceful life, and to find answers to the questions in our heads. This is the reason I do this. I do this for the hopeless, for the youths and next generations, I do this for those hustling for their dreams. I do this for Love, change and the growth of myself and the world.

“I’m a hustler, a dream chaser and my side hustle is creating motivational and inspirational writings, podcast and videos. Why follow those who can’t dream with us?” As a dream chaser, my passion is writing and my dream is to be heard, read and to inspire change in myself and also reflect positivity in the world.

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LANREMADIBA.COM was created with state-of-the-art technology, uniqueness, creativity and knowledge to elevate discipline, self-development, culture and lifestyle. The website was also created with the intent to provide creative contents or life-changing contents like:

Hustle Guide and Motivation: There will be frequent guides, motivation, techniques and finesse to hustling. Streets or city rules to protect you, and to earn you the respect and success that you deserve or can achieve.

Note: This website will not elevate any form of illegal act and irresponsible behaviors of any kind. We know you’d love your stay here; we will stay true to this.

Life-struggle, Quotes, Motivation and Inspiration: This site (or Lifestyle) provides daily Motivation + Quotes + Inspiration from the struggles and challenges of the world. Challenges of Lanre Madiba, his family and friends, and reflections and inspiration from movies, famous celebrities and teachers of the world. This will help provide a safe journey to the readers about steps to healing and guidance for those who search for knowledge and answers to few questions troubling them.

Podcast and Videos: Every important trend and lesson needs to be talked about, not only in books or writings but in videos and audio recordings (podcast). Lanre Madiba podcast will feature other Podcasters, your famous celebrities, important guests and resources from known sources that will benefit you, help build and Improve your mindset, promote good lifestyle and facilitate healthy living. Short life inspirational and motivational podcasts from Lanre Madiba will be released for listening and download on this website. Motivational speech and soundtracks that’ll elevate you will be made available for purchase or download.

Subscribe to LanreMadiba’s YouTube channel for videos and more. Search and follow on all podcast platforms with the search name ‘LanreMadiba’ or ‘Lanre Madiba’ to listen to our content.

Women Powr: Women Powr shall be a part of a lifestyle which will include, frequent talks about women, to elevate the female gender, oppose and clarify the criticisms and weaknesses wrapped around famous beliefs and deceptions concerning women.

Note: Any form of misguidance or adoration to irresponsible lifestyle and negative appraisal of feminism won’t be accepted nor promoted on this site.

Real Men talk & Lifestyle: This is a part of the website that focuses on the men, it shall speak to the male gender about culture, class, style and health. This site will feature different aspects to lay down inspiring talks about men, through audio podcast, videos and life motivating and inspiring contents to empower, elevate and to provide support and guidance for men.

Note: Women Powr will frequently reflect on Men talks and Lifestyle, as men will also reflect on Women Powr. We can’t exist separately, it’s impossible!

Marriage and Relationship Counseling and advice: This is an aspect of the website that will focus on providing relationship advice, giving counseling to married couples and youths in dating relationship/courtship. This will feature writings, videos and podcasts from various speakers and writers contributing to this platform and blog.

Mental Health Issues and Discussions: This is a platform on the website to talk about issues concerning mental health to elevate good and healthy mental state. Therefore, take this site as the wheel to a healthy living. LANREMADIBA.COM will provide frequent contents and help for those who are going through depression, Mental disorder, Anxiety, Suicide thoughts or attempt.

There is healing, if only you can search for healing.

– Lanre Madiba

Discoveries and Photography: An area of the website that will provide popular geographical locations and artistical Photographs that portray the world in a beautiful light. Beautiful people of all race, amazing places sights that amaze the eyes and hearts.

Charity aid and support: There will be a platform on this web to provide help and donations for those who are less privileged financially. There will be a link on this web that will provide help and donations from and to different countries of the world. We’ll provide that soon!

Child Development: This platform will serve as a Parent, Teacher and Guardian wheel (PTG). This platform will feature qualified and experienced teachers, contributors and parents to provide trainings and good practices for parents, teachers and guardians on proper care for child upbringing and the tools to use to lead them through the mysterious world and terror.

Culture, Revolution & Others: This platform will provide various topics on yearly practices and celebrations (the lessons or other benefits from these practices). Other contents on Revolution, Power to the weak, racism (or colorism), oppression, war and terrorism and everything else that needs to be laid out for the world to see and benefit from.

“There are so many screams made every day, so many people that need help, the world can’t remain deaf forever, we’ll be heard if we do not cease to fight or scream.”

-Lanre Madiba


Welcome to LANREMADIBA.COM. Every content on this lifestyle (website) is/will be of the courtesy of LanreMadiba. The contents will be of the highest level of quality and creativity. Follow me on twitter, Instagram, In, Quora, Pinterest and Tumblr @lanremadiba. Like us on Facebook @lanremadibahustlelife. Come see what we are about!

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