NYSC: Objectives of the National Youth Service Corps Pt. 1 with Akiremi Quadir – Fertile Podcast E06

NYSC (National Youth Service Corps) is mandatory on all graduates in Nigeria. Also known as a National service year, it is a one year scheme for skill acquisition, established by the government on 22 May 1973 to involve Nigerian youths in the development of the country.

On this podcast episode we invite Mr. Akinremi Quadri, the overall best graduating student of the University of Ilorin 2017/2018 session, B.Sc. Food science. Akiremi Quadir recently completed his NYSC program, where he served in Ebonyi state; Abakaliki, of the Eastern part of Nigeria. He shares his experience here with us on this episode #06 of Fertile podcast, to prepare the fresh graduates on the challenges to expect, scarcity of resources, opportunities, and more benefits that he discussed on this episode.

As you tune in, here are the questions featured on this episode:

— What do you think about NYSC?

— Your experience and challenges

— Do you think it (NYSC) is a waste of youths spirit, potential or talent?

— For the new ones that are about to move in to camp, what are the opportunities to expect?

— What advice would you give to the present NYSC recruit(s) that is/are hungry and eager for success or positive changes?

Top Advice from Mr. Akinremi Quadri to the incoming NYSC recruits:

1. Stay calm.

2. If you have a craft, improve on it.

3. Learn more.

4. Apply for scholarships.

5. Learn online businesses, forex, bitcoin mining, etcetera.

6. Don’t limit yourself.

7. Don’t focus on just the allowance paid to you, find something productive doing. Be smart to make money off your craft.

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Reflect on this episode of Fertile podcast! #06

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