Friendship: Check Your Circle – Podcast Episode 05

Transcript summary of today’s episode:

So I was out in the streets today and a stranger came up to me for help. It wasn’t for no money neither was it to help a stranger with his baggage. It was personal — I rather not tell. I told him what he should’ve known. Next, he said: “Even my closest friend hides this service from me,” I asked him, “your closest friend?” He answered affirmatively, “Yes!” Throughout the time I was on the spot I met him till this moment, I couldn’t stop thinking about how so many of our friends say they love us or they say they are family, but can’t give the littlest favor we ask from them. They hide benefits from us while they throw smiles on our faces. They want all the riches. They want all the respect. They want to be above humanity while their family and close ones get stuck in the gutter and misery.

The message is: Check yourself. Check your close ones. Nobody loves you like you love yourself. Nobody can treat you like the way you would treat yourself. Check yourself. Check your circle, check the bond within your circle. Be sure to be safe and truly loved. If not, get up out of there.

Top Inspiration from this episode of Fertile podcast:

1. Don’t mix enemies with family.

2. Don’t risk your life for a vow or code of friendship that your friends don’t care much about.

3. Protect the real ones that give back realness and love.

4. Check yourself; protect yourself.

5. There’s nothing wrong in getting involved with people if it is for the benefit of it — your side and theirs.

6. Don’t break the code of friendship when you’re deep in it.

Many of your friends don’t appreciate your existence in their lives. Check your circle, do your friends truly have your back? Are they down with you? This article and podcast is inspired by a true life experience that many of us have had. Nothing new here, but we’re trying to inspire somebody. Hope this helps!

Defense Mechanism

When life goes hard and enigmatic in its difficulties, how do you handle it? How do you protect yourself from tight situations? How do you get yourself out of it? Yeah, it is called defense mechanism. That way or technique that you use is called defense mechanism.

“Defense Mechanism” is a strategy used to prevent deep involvement with certain people in friendship, business partnership, or any form of relationship with certain individuals.

“Defense Mechanism” can also mean withdrawal and isolation, squashing a relationship before going deep to prevent future emotions, pain or regrets. Utah Psych, Defense Mechanism

What’s your definition of Defense Mechanism? In what way do you use this strategy? Drop comments in the comment section.

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Reflect on this episode of Fertile Podcast! #05

You have either listened to this episode or read the transcript. Now, it is your turn to take into practice — to use this in the way that will benefit your existence.

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