Launching Fertile Podcast with Lanre Madiba

Fertile Podcast. A solo + interview podcast created and hosted by Lanre Madiba. Fertile podcast is solely created to share effective tips and conversations on personal development, business (strategies in business) with career guides and the right motivation we need in our everyday lives. Fertile podcast features interviews from brilliant youngsters, young entrepreneurs, hustlers and made entrepreneurs, travelers, and goal-getters, your famous celebrities, professionals and contributors to share their knowledge about the world; on personal development, mental health, teenhood and adulthood, femininity, masculinity, business strategies and networking. Fertile podcast features discussion on culture, marriage and relationship advice that will be featured as we grow.

“Every time you remember Fertile Podcast, know that as humans, group or whatever, we are one. We are fertile and we can be great.” — Lanre Madiba

Here on this podcast, we’ll not be studying great or successful people, but, to dwell more on how you can achieve personal success.

Fertile podcast will walk a different path by providing the motivation and inspiration you need to help you to reach your goal and become great, instead of studying successful people or disregarding the power of yourself or the gift that are hidden in you.

The world is Fertile. The world is full of green, and trees that makes forest. — Lanre Madiba

Who’s Lanre Madiba?

Lanre Madiba is a young creator from Nigeria. Lanre Madiba is a creative writer, Blogger, and dream chaser. His passion to elevate/inspire those who feel lost, unloved, or unmotivated in the world of so much mystery is extraordinary.

“Telling people to chase their dreams, telling people that they are beautiful and that they can be great souls is my passion to see the world and myself become great. Telling people to take actions, and to never give up is my dream. I’m not the type of person that will frequently tell you, ‘go’ ‘go’ ‘go’ without having to take steps myself. I’m a dream chaser myself — a hustler in the world to. I go through my own struggle, pain and frustrations. Writing, making podcasts and creating inspirational videos is my passion and my dream to see myself create opportunities where people don’t see opportunities. I’m Lanre Madiba and this is my podcast and my blog Follow Fertile podcast, follow me! 🌹

Disclaimer: Fertile which is inspired by nature will not feature the use of musical instruments in the background, just nature sound effects will be used, e.g, nature sounds from birds, trees, winds, oceans, human sounds and everything nature.

Raindrop sound effect used at the end of this podcast is by David Fesliyan

Note: Fertile podcast and Lanre Madiba do not have the answers to the mystery of/in the world. We will not dwell on the mystery that is more than our knowledge. I’m also working tirelessly to bring in a team of young dreamers and hustlers who are on the hunt for intelligent life, and with the passion to share their knowledge, experience and struggle with the world. You can find Fertile podcast on all podcast streaming platforms.

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