11 Things to do After College

The Following Is Courtesy of Lanre Madiba!

Few days, weeks or months to graduation, I bet your thoughts were on the future, it was like you didn’t spend those years at all. It was so fast that you question yourself, “How did I get here so fast?” Now, you have graduated from the university, the thoughts did not stop nor even slow up, the thoughts keeps piling up: “What’s next after college?” “What to do after the years spent?’’ “What are the plans that will be right for the future?”

The fear of failure, fear about the future fills your mind and thoughts. But to be able to picture thoughts well and right, calm yourself first. Rest your head so you can think correctly — to make or write plans that will benefit you as you scheme for the future: 11 effective things to do after college.

1. Take a long rest.

On the break before graduation or after graduation, it is very important that you take a long rest. Many motivational bloggers, speakers and writers will tell you, “Do not rest” “Do not sleep” “Do not woo-woo-woo,” whatever they say, you need to take a long rest. You won’t get the best out of what should be of benefit to you if you’re not able to do it right because of lack of sleep. You need to get your head straight before any long journey. Your brain, your whole body and system needs new orientation – to let out the years of long stress and frustration.

During the time, rest your mind. Think more; be productive/creative with your thoughts. Scheme. Eat more. Exercise more to get your body or shape back. Drink water more often. Straighten your back or spine. Prepare your mind and strength for other life courses. Take a deep sleep after graduation and don’t skip a day — of the break — because you need it. Rest your eyes.

2. Learn off school education.

Many a time, you may feel like you have wasted so much years studying in school — especially if you are the type who’s hunger for your dream is wilder than the jungle, and the passion for your dream, your future and happiness is what matters most to you. Learning off school education is no waste, you can always do more than just doing one job when you can succeed through different routes.

If you come from a community where school certificate and degree becomes a litter in the wardrobe; where there are not much opportunities to achieve most desired dreams, then you need to learn off school education — if you had nobody to tell you before, now you do. You can reach success through other existing roads or paths. If you come from a society where many are inopportune to find jobs, where most youths or graduates end up miserable or don’t amount to any good, don’t rest to just your school degree or certificate. It doesn’t matter if it is a small craft or a good business experience, you can turn whatever it is to that which will bring success. Don’t rest to just school education. Learn one or more crafts. Read inspirational books about career goals, growing mindset and business knowledge.

3. Find opportunities; make some by/for yourself.

Waiting for opportunities without working or searching for none is just like waiting for a flood to swoop you off your grind. Don’t wait expecting the government or the society to help you out of the mud, no, the society isn’t built for this — matter of fact, the society only grows when you grow; the society goes through the state of helplessness when you are unable to leave the spot that you grew up in.

Promote yourself. Promote your craft. Bring out your potentials and don’t hide nothing from the world. Don’t hide from the world, grab all the opportunities that you can get — it can never be enough.

4. Prepare yourself.

The best you could’ve done for yourself could’ve been to plan or prepare before your final years. But no regrets now, these times have gone; time is not slowing now, time’s moving really fast and you should not rest to your weaknesses, your faults and excuses. Start now. Make new steps and try each one out. Prepare your mind for the bigger world; a world only for those who strive. Prepare your mind and soul as you take on this journey. Prepare for new responsibilities that’s yours and only yours to lift through the stormy weather. Prepare for the responsibilities of parenthood (If you’re willing to marry;) prepare to lead yourself while caring for the vulnerable seeds you’ll birth into the world.

This is the beginning of the rest of your life, prepare for the worse; prepare for the best.

5. Strategize.

What next? What now? Thinking of growth? Thinking of what to do? Is your mind towards the future? Is your mind right about the future? Are you right about the future?… Just swim in your thoughts. Sit down or lay back to live in the space in your mind, your head while you think — while you scheme. Correct your steps. Make new plans if the strength of your previous plans are weak. Make plans that would be right for the future and unrelently go after each one. Take steps more than you never took. Take chances. Take risks.

6. Chase every dream.

Every dream that you have written, every passion that you’ve made and promised yourself to follow, go after each one. “If I had known earlier, I wouldn’t have taken a pause” “I wish I had learned this and that” these are just quotes and regrets that you could have prevented rather than putting them off for the future.

  • Everyday, set a goal and go after each one

Setting goals and accomplishing these goals moves one closer to ones reward or success. Before the future prevails, before death, set goals and accomplish most.

  • Take many risks

Taking risk is one of the most difficult thing to do while following one’s passion for the reward of the brighter day. The fear of testing one’s strengths and weaknesses; the fear of spending for uncertain future rewards and failures holds most of us back and this floods a large number among us to misery, doom and endless regrets for the rest of their days on earth.

  • Get result.
    All the hustle and bustle must have a reward; something you passionately want back or that which may change your life for the best. Working without reward or benefit is either that you’re still working on your craft, building your strength or experience; or that you’re promoting and growing your business or probably that you’re wasting your life. Any work without results or benefits isn’t worth doing. Don’t waste your life running after that which would not favor you.

7. Not to ever give up!

As usual – and again — like you have always been told since a child and in adventure groups and games, “don’t you ever quit on your passion (or anything that you passionately believe in)” Do not quit the reward that’s close to reaching you. Do not quit the run that you’ve worked and stressed your whole life on. Do not quit the struggle for riches, good living, success and every good that exist in the world (or next, whatever you believe) Do not quit on God (or the power that your faith’s in.) Do not quit on those you love and those who love you. Do not quit on your dreams and passion. Do not give up to nothing. Do not give up to your fears. Do not quit now and never.

And no matter how hard things get, it can never get pass you. I know at some point, it may seem like you’re in the struggle alone, as if you are left alone to carry all the new and heavy responsibilities that are yours, but don’t let up. Don’t quit now — don’t ever.

8. Make the best fit in many/every angle(s)

Squares are for squares and not triangles; circles are not stars; blues are not red nor other existing colors. So while building your life, while rushing to work, old age or to your death, choose the right fit respectively.

  • While taking care of personal responsibilities:

While carrying your world along as you strive to fill in the needed, choose the best fit for the right angles. You are your responsibility for you, for your seeds and for the ones that birthed you into the world. You’re your own responsibility; your responsibilities are yours to take, don’t shy away from your responsibilities. Choose your strength — build your strength — to push your responsibilities to work. Choose your responsibilities right before diving in the depth of the responsibilities.

9. Project your life (health)

While struggling not to fail or lose all you have worked for — in the pursuit for desires and dreams, do not look down on small injuries, illness, or whatever disorder that may affect your health. Do not judge nor belittle your mistakes, love or friendship.

Culture, religion — before you become or join one, before you rest your faith in whatever, search for truth in everything before going deep. Search for true guidance — for the best fit that’ll protect you from the horrors of the world.

Take care of your health, your body and soul. Take care of your emotions. Take care of your heart and feed it what is best for you.

10. Discover more.

Explore the world around you and the world distance to you. Travel. Go on adventures. See the world and nature. You may need a gap year for this or after or in the middle of your plans or work. The world is more than the environment around you. Travel far on land, air or water to see the world and all that exist in her.

11. Read more and often

Religious books, books on business and career, inspirational and motivational books, novels, blogs, newspapers and magazines have a way of impacting us. Read often to increase your intellect.

A must read: If you’re a Nigerian or you live in any African nation or you’re from any country outside Africa that suffers poor economy, recession, unemployment, corrupted leaders and mis-opportunities, your crafts, businesses or talents can be turned into a reality that will bring you closer to success and opportunities if you strongly believe that your ideas and creativity would work. Don’t wait for the government to perform magic tricks that they can’t do. Find opportunities yourself!

This is Courtesy of Lanre Madiba!

Now reflect on this!

If you read this article to the end, now, I want you to reflect on this. Take this blog post or article as a guide while you take on your journey through life.

I want you to go out there to become great, to tell stories that will inspire the world, because the world needs you — the world needs every single one of you. I pray God blessing sticks with you all every day as you wake up and sleep.

Are you ready to take over the world?

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