E04: You’re Responsible for Your Life, Don’t Let Anybody Control you | Podcast


The Following Is Courtesy of Lanre Madiba!

Here I talk about how a lot of us give our happiness to others. We let them feel as if they are some kind of god over us, so they treat and control us by taking our responsibilities, happiness and freedom from us.

When you rely on people to judge you, when you listen to others criticize you, when you give them the chance to put you down or hurt you, you give them the power and more comfort to control you and put you down.
They’ll make you feel like you’re not enough for yourself or are not fit for any good that belongs to you.

Part transcript (2:08):

Tell me why you listen to those who believe that your ideas won’t work?

Tell me why you listen to people who believe that your ideas won’t solve any problem?

Tell me why you listen to those who believe that you wouldn’t amount to any good?

They may make money more than so many of you, they may get all the attention, they may be respected and loved but don’t watch them trample on you. You’re just you, don’t enslave yourself to them while they create boundaries when you’re just one.

Why do they expect you to be 4 phased when you’re just one? Why?

(2:42) Why are you even listening to them? Why do you feel like your voice can’t be heard because they tell you; you can’t be heard unless they speak for you?

Why follow them when they haven’t found guidance? Tell me why?! Why?!

People will see you beg in the cold for food but act like they didn’t see you struggle in misery or discomfort; they’ll see you dive into the ocean to feed yourself, to find opportunities to yourself, then they complain.

Don’t prove nothing to others, they’re not your responsibility. Your responsibility is you and you should care for your responsibilities.

Those that you’ve given the power to control you haven’t even found guidance. They haven’t found answers to the mystery of the world and our existence. They don’t lead themselves right. They haven’t achieved their dreams and they tell you to go get what is not yours. Don’t follow what they think is best for you over what your heart wants. Follow your heart. Follow your passion.

You’re the master of your life. You’re your responsibilities, don’t leave your responsibilities for that which isn’t yours.

(4:50) Check your time. Control it. Don’t fast forward your time. Take things slow. Live for every moment. Know your vision but don’t lock it away. Open the door to make your vision a reality.

You’re responsible for your happiness, don’t give it away.

If you listen to others bad songs for — or about you, you will hurt the most peaceful part of you, your spirit.

This is Courtesy Of Lanre Madiba!

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