Failure Mindset: Learn from Failure | Podcast E03

Podcast E03

The Following Is Courtesy of Lanre Madiba!

Failure is something many of us are afraid of — which is not supposed to be. The fear of failure has made most men to give up on so many things that could benefit them.

The reality is, everyone will fail many times in our lives. As long as we continue to live, we’ll keep failing, but that’s what pushes us closer to our dreams and success.

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The greatest risk is having to work when you know you may end up failing or losing. Failure is the greatest coach or mentor. Our failure(s) is what makes our success story more real and Interesting. You can’t jump straight into success without going through the struggle before success.

I have to dispute the fact that most parents and teachers and some society believe that those who failed are dumb or they are not doing enough. I have failed so many times in life, my failures push me to work better, to do more because success is what I see and not the hold up/setback.

A quote by Lanre Madiba

In life, no matter how we prevent failure, we’ll see the light of it.

It was Diddy who said, “there’s gon’ be a lot of times y’all about to fail, I’m still failing every day. We are all a working progress. And one day you’ll be sitting in the dark like I was, and you gon’ be asking yourself, what am I gon’ do now? You gon’ ask yourself again to slow it down, what am I gon’ do now?…”

So I ask you, what are you going to do when you fail? While you fail, how do you intend to turn your failure into success? How do you see failure?

In the educational system, it is required to strive hard for good grades, but sometimes, we don’t understand how our grades take off in the opposite direction.

In business or in our workplace and in competition, we are placed in the position to create more opportunities or successes for those we work for or our business. But if you failed as a business person or a dream chaser, you shouldn’t quit. Your vision as a dream chaser must be different from the normal man; you should have a vision that nobody sees. When you get stuck, find a way to move up a mountain or ladder to be above your competition.

I believe that those that quit after a failed action don’t have much passion for what they do. If you really have a strong passion for what you do, you won’t quit no matter what.

“If you don’t believe in your dreams, you have already lost from the start.” — Meek Mill

Success is just the result after many failed attempts. Nobody jumps right into success. Do you know anyone who did? If you know, drop their names in the comment section because I want to know how they did it.

This podcast is inspired by the book, Mindset: The New Psychology of Success, a very incredible book by Carol Dweck. Her book proves that humans think differently, and the way we react to situations differ. In her book, you’ll learn to bring out your potentials and make them work for you. And the part that featured in this podcast is where she writes, “If you could arrange successes and avoid failures (at all cost), you could stay smart.

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This is Courtesy Of Lanre Madiba!

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