E02 Leadership Training: Vision, Responsibilities, and Bond with Followers | Podcast

Poor leadership affects both the leaders and the followers or employers.

Everyone is a leader one way or the other. You do lead yourself, right? Most leaders and us personally don’t understand the responsibilities as a leader.

What are the characteristics of a good leader?

A good leader;

— Must have a vision and must work towards it
— Must be self-disciplined
— Must understand the needs of his employees and must provide them
— Must provide incentives to his followers or employees
— Must always think ahead of his employees or followers
— Must be self-confident
— Must be able to make decisions, take risks and take responsibilities of all his actions
— Must build a strong team chemistry
— Must build a good working relationship with his/her followers or employees

This podcast is for those who are on the
throne of leadership, individually or in a group. This podcast features responsibilities and steps that you can use personally for growth, to lead yourself and others to success. Take a listen/Download below.

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