Motivational Speech: Think Big, Work Big Podcast

Think Big, Work Big. This is a short Motivational Podcast by Lanre Madiba 


What up people I go by the name Lanre Madiba – – – Today’s podcast would be really short. I promise it would be really short. Let’s get it on.

Why do people feel –
Why do people say they want to do this. They want to become this. – – – They want to famous. They want to be great but they’re not putting their steps forward… Why?!

You want to sing, then sing. Like – – – Stop making up excuses. Stop saying you can’t do this. You don’t have this.

No one has anything/everything. No one has everything in full. No one is complete. Everybody is trying to survive in this cold world. And, you know. Every famous celebrity or great people that you know out there, they’ve gone through the worse to. They go through their own times to. So, when you look up at this people, they should be like inspiration for you. And, and, if you really have anything you want to do, go out there and do it. Like stop making excuses. Stop saying you – – don’t have this. You can’t do this. Like look for opportunities yourself if you can’t find none. You know – – do what you have to do just to survive. You know, if you want to sing just sing. You want to write just write. You want to create art then make art. You want to dance, dance. You want to dance in the rain, dance in the rain, nobody is holding you down.

I feel like you’re the one holding yourself down, nobody is holding you down…

Or you looking up to somebody to pull you up or something? Yeah it’s cool. But I don’t know, you should do things yourself. Like, do what you have to do just to get it. To get whatever you want like… Make moves. Think like a millionaire if you want to become a millionaire. If you want to become a billionaire you have to do what billionaires do. You know. Take steps. Make moves. Find opportunities when you can’t find none. You know. If the rain is stop – – stopping you, get into the damp. Get into the mud. You know. Do whatever you want to do just to get it. You know. Stop holding yourself back. Break the chains. Break the locks that you are… Like – – – Whatever man. Don’t enslave yourself. Just go out and get your dreams. Whatever you believe in, you can get it. I’m talking to you right now. I’m not complete. I’m not famous but I dream of becoming something great. This is the greatest moti – – – ehm – – – This is my own dream. And I feel like if you really have anything, go out there and get it. Go out there and get it. Don’t expect too much. I’m not saying people won’t – – – . Look for help. Ask for help. But yeah. Do whatever you have to do just to survive. This is Courtesy Of Lanre Madiba. I hope this is very impactful. I hope you learn from this.

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