Failing a class in the first year of college isn’t much of a heartache, compared to failing a class or two in your final year – especially if it will prevent you from graduating the same year alongside your course mates. Knowing that you will not march with the rest of your class on the day of your graduation, through much thoughts about this – depression, disheartenment and fear, your plans towards the future, your goals and your mental state drops and you become sad for the setback, your mistakes or the fate you know less or nothing about. It is tough – not easy. Having an extra semester or a whole session may have prevented so much (your plans) but not God’s. This hold back is not forever, it is not to waste your life. It shouldn’t stop you from living, or from pushing harder or promoting your craft and achieving your lifelong goals: Eight (8) motivational messages for spillover students.

1. Do not take your life.

Suicide is a common occurrence among students nowadays. For most people, the frustration, stress or the passion to do something else – other than having to read for exams’ makes it difficult to study well. Thus, the reason why most fail in school and other reasons and challenges to the cause.

Knowing that you will retake a class while your mates graduate can be very sad. The frustration, depression and disappointment due to the fact that you have failed and will not graduate alongside your course mates may tempt you to take your own life – do not take your life – do not make anyone to do it for you neither. Failing or retaking a class doesn’t mean your life will be cut off any greatness that fills the future – don’t quit life for this. You may have tried your best truly – of course you did, school system is tough on us. You did your best enough to stay up to the year that you failed: you didn’t drop out along the way, you didn’t quit even when the frustration – work load and stress were bigger than your shoulders – you just failed a class that’s all. I know you and backward and ignorant people will think you’re weak or dumb or uncapable because of this, but definitely you did the best you could, don’t allow the frustration to get to you now.

Yeah, it may be very disappointing and even embarrassing not to work the aisle alongside your mates, but don’t break worse as the crack opens. Heal. Grow. This is not a failure to destroy you, your dreams or passion, fortunately, this is the story from God (or whatever you put your faith in), to add to your motivation – to guide you to become more. To learn new things and to grow as you learn. Do not submit to suicide. Do not quit. Do not break. Do not waste your life to the challenges that are next to success and big blessings. Be strong through this. Stay Alive!!!

2. Learn new things.

As said earlier, setbacks and failures aren’t meant to break you nor destroy you, but, to teach you about something you will find out yourself. Through the semester(s) you will spend, learn new things. Study more. Attend classes. Ask for help when you need help. Register for available tutorials and attend as many as you can.

Focus on your school work and assignments, focus on your crafts to. Your talent – use this period to improve. Improve on your craft or passion. Learn new stuffs that’ll benefit or add to your craft. Increase your faith in whatever it is you do. Don’t stop. Your businesses, craft or passion, make more researches to progress while your mates carry on their journey in life.

During your free times, be creative with your time – with yourself and your craft. Search for new opportunities as much as you can get. Talk to new people. Ask for help. Find knowledge anyplace knowledge is told or written. Attend more productive and impactful seminars. Do everything positive that will add to your persona and intellect.

You can also take this as a gap year to learn new things that you have made excuses toward. Explore new ideas. This one semester or session that you will spend, learn that which will add to your edges and corners. Don’t waste the one semester, a year or two that should benefit you. Don’t hide from your peers – learn more by randomly talking to your mates that are graduating or those that have graduated. Ask about the opportunities where they are, their challenges and success. Although, many of them won’t tell you the depth of their challenges and success, no one enjoy talking about their challenges. Make them understand your plight to prepare for the bigger world during the time you stay stuck in school. Prepare your mind, your system and whole body for the future.

3. Study hard.

It is not that most spill over students didn’t study well, result to them getting stuck for an extra year or two. Among those students that’ll retake a class or two exist those that failed for reasons that they couldn’t explain until they find out or were being told. But whatever reason that you failed a class, two or more, do not stop studying. I know it may be difficult this time because you have lost the mind to read now, because you didn’t expect this mountain across you – but you know what, you can do this. Find the mind to study again. Read textbooks, journals and motivational blogposts. Attend seminars and watch online videos that will help you through classes, test or examination. Talk to the lecturer(s) or professor(s) in charge of the course(s) to help and guide you through the class. Study thoroughly. Try more than you have done before. Study good for your grades so you can get out of this mud that you’re stuck in for one semester, two or three – whatever number of semesters.

Do what works for you. After all, you are not a novice. With the amount of years that you have spent studying in the university, by now, you should know about the trends that are now traditions. Every universities have their own traditions that are made up to scare students, especially freshers and graduating class. Do not follow these unfrightening and non-beneficial trends that reign during the course of the extra year. Do what works for you. Do what’s right. Get enough rest or sleep. Read at any time that is best comfortable for you, in the morning or at night, weekend or weekdays – do what works for you. Build your own system.

Do not follow the confused numbers. Zombies eat brains but are not intelligent and do not reason before action – use your brain, you’re not a zombie.

Study for good grades and get out of college. You may end up not needing your certificate, but it’s good if you have one – a good one.

4. Check what you miss wrong, correct & prevent it.

Every university has her own basic requirements for admission and graduation, and these requirements, rules and regulations are spread across to all students to strive for success and a degree at the end of it.

During the course of your degree, you are likely to make some mistakes: like failing a/some core or required course(s), not meeting the school minimum credit required to be met and other mistakes that may affect you as you precede to upper class. If you’re not able to select or correct your courses before registration or did not meet the minimum credit required, you may be prevented from graduating alongside your class. The reason that you are retaking a class for an extra year, inquire about the mistakes from your L.A (Level Advisor), check what you did wrong, it might be too late but then, solve it. Before the university release her graduation booklet, check where you did wrong, correct it if you can – If can’t, do better next time.

5. Do not waste your time/your life.

Failure is an advantage for you to take a do over. To strategize new steps. To correct the previous steps that didn’t allow a pass. Setbacks and failures are not to bring more failure but to give you more opportunities to success. Do not stop. This is not the period to waste time when you could grow bigger. Thrive during this period. Do not sit when you can stand for more chances and height. Use the time to study those who are made or are successful. Design new strategies and ideas. Find your path if you had not sat to think about what you want to do in the future. Use this setback to think about what you want to become, your occupation and dreams. Do not waste your life. Do not ruin it for yourself because God (Nature, or whatever you believe) did not create you to suffer, fail or lose without creating the knowledge or mind to change the event.

6. Do not hide.

Why run or hide because you have failed? Couple months or a year hence, it will be forgotten. Do not hide from those who would speak about you and the failure. You are not a slave. Be confident to accept the fate, test or the obstacle that God created for you or in your struggle. Don’t care about the eyes that stare at you, don’t be scared of the judgment and slander – the eye that lurks at one’s failure waits to see the success after this.

7. Inspire & impact someone.

Tell somebody to do what’s right. Elevate somebody any way you can. Inspire the new freshmen and those below your class. Seeing those you have impacted with words or by any means, will give you the motivation to hold on through the spilling. Teach someone to live right. Be an inspiration for someone who’s watching.

8. Do not fear.

It may be very disheartening to retake a class when you should be doing something else with your life. Now that an extra year or 2 will slow you down, control the fear of you thinking that your life cannot amount to any good after this. An extra year doesn’t determine your future.

Along the way, don’t let your dreams slip from your focus out of the fear of staying back – or failure. Be safe with your fears that you control every fear that you may have breathe in. Control your focus, heart and mind. Control the moments that are added to your year of studies. If you become confused in any way, let your focus and dream(s) be over your fears. Do not follow famous traditions and trends of confused students. Your dream is the most, not the fear that the system creates out of fear and confusion. Be content with your accomplishment. You have done the best you can, do it again this time. Hold on to your dreams. Every corner or every edge that you control, make sure they are tight or fixed together. The year will become short in a wink and the day will seem night. Just hold on. During the period, work more on yourself. Work on your craft. Discover new things that you never thought existed. Make the future a safe place to tell your story. But for now, live the story.

This is Courtesy of Lanre Madiba!

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