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It’s not a new occurrence that procrastination is a common and negative habit that humans exhibit – oftentimes, this intentional delay usually swoops us away from the benefits that could increase our chances of success. The fear to take steps, our ignorance about the task given to us, low self-esteem, anxiety – other reasons known to us makes us delay a task that is to be carried out after thought, planned or before a deadline.

Procrastination means delaying a task or chore until a later time – and can also mean putting off a task completely. Habitual delay or procrastination of a task creates more danger as it can hinder productivity, flow of work and success in a person’s work, leisure and other settings of their lifestyle.

Procrastination is destruction. Procrastinating a set plan, or towards your goals and dreams will enslave and control you – and may cost you to lose all the treasures that come with time and the work during the time. On the run to boss up to freedom, power, success and every good that can benefit your existence, excuses that you create are the paint that are poured on the road, leaving marks and footprints that prove the failure that man chooses over the risks that can change his life.

Without further ado – these are five (5) routes that you can take oftentimes to save you from procrastinating on what may benefit you.


From your long sleep, from the deep rest and vacation, wake up. It’s enough to lose – it’s not enough to become richer either. Wake up – during the day, dusk, midnights and afternoons – wake up. Don’t sleep all day every day waiting for a reward you didn’t work for. Wake up your spirit to work. Wake up your focus to work. Give life to the dead and lost dreams. Give fruit to your passion. It’s not enough to stay up for a longer period, it’s not okay to lose either. Balance your timing, take success bigger than you should rest. Wake up and do not die or rest in the comfort of losing all you have accomplished. Wake up and do not let anyone steal the benefits that should be yours. Do not sleep during work time. Do not put off work for later. Do not sleep all day all night without completing a task – without achieving any goal. Do not rush to rest. Do not rush to your doom. Wake up and work – the time for rest is next after work.

Get up as soon as you wake up because the longer you contemplate getting up, the longer you stay in bed, so once you wake, get up. – Peter Wonder


One man expanded mankind – Adam, one man can expand his own space (or his nation). One man can control so many workloads — if he doesn’t do it right, he can lose so many benefits on all he controls. And if he works right and smart, he can make benefits that can feed himself and a whole nation.

Anything that matters – matters. If you’re not capable for much workloads, leave everything for one. Choose the core among all your work or schedule then focus on it. Do not eat all at once, you would only weaken your strength and may not be able to stand when you need to get up for rest.

Leave everything to get more. Quit stressing and resting in one road (or path) when you can hold success through different routes. Don’t save the little grain for tomorrow, it will be attacked by hungry insects. Eat it all at this moment (at once), then make more when you’re done eating all. The earth won’t kill its produce to keep mankind hungry – unless humankind wages war against earth’s comfort, then we are doomed by our ignorance to save mankind existence.

Leave all the scraps to hunt the bigger meats. Leave all the fun, jokes and game to make bigger fun and results. Control the timing of your work load and the effort you put to work. Don’t push for less. Don’t fear the mountain enough to be crushed by its stones. Chase everything or the best for more. You can’t have everything but chase everything. Chase one after you complete one.


Don’t chew your fingers when hunger strikes your stomach – put food on the table or you will starve to death. For no reason should you chew your fingers after the nails are done. Don’t do that. Don’t wait till you become hungry or miserable before you get to work. Keep your nails clean off your mouth or saliva. If you’re hungry, strive for your needs. Feed yourself. Feed your hunger. Work for your needs before those needs’ rises to the level of importance and necessity. Get your hands off your face and don’t keep it at rest when you haven’t made a thing to feed your vicious hunger.


Tomorrow will not lay the bed for wishers, sitters and lazy kinds. Real hustlers and dreamers prepare their rest as they strive. Don’t keep backing away from your responsibilities when you have nothing but misery and pain. Don’t keep pushing back when you can push for more. Don’t hasten your doom. Run from every space it fills.

Laziness will break every strength that you save for later. Get to work now. If the task is difficult or more than your strength or knowledge, seek assistance anyplace you can get. Find another way to get around a task, do not quit it. Do not keep it (the work) for sleep – you might end up waking up to more work.


The difficulties that exist in battling with your fears, weaknesses and strengths should not force you to leave the job for later – for other hustlers to reap the benefits that should be yours. Excuses do not strengthen the bridge to success, excuses break the bridge(s) that lead to success and can distance you from the best you can become or achieve. Excuses can’t replace that which isn’t there, excuses can’t feed success to your work either. Find a way around all that is above your strength or height to be able get your dreams flying.

Always Say ‘Yes’ when ‘No’ is clear to be the problem. Take many fruitful steps if sitting low is the most peaceful position for comfort without any benefit in the end – it’s hard to do but not impossible. Work hard for a better and bigger comfort. If you’re scared to take actions, if you’re scared to see results, if you’re scared of success – for whatever reason, if you feel low about yourself or are struggling with depression or low self-esteem, then chase success. Get your focus or heart tied to that which will change your mental state to safety. Make difficult moves. Take risky steps. Find results. Find yourself. You won’t get bitten while feeding a fierce or a hungry stomach. Everything will work out right, just trust your judgment. Take risks. Shift into time and space and build all you can. Excuses do not heal a bridge, excuses destroy the road to success.

Last thing to always remember before you make excuses or put off a task for later or completely: Executing a task quickly after thought or when set will make you rest at the completion of the work and longer maybe – not the opposite. Another is, while keeping or maintaining a work-life balance, do not trade your health for wealth. Why run all your life for riches and comfort when you don’t have the good health to live it. Every day, try hard to stop the spirit that procrastinates. Every day, set and accomplish a goal. As each day go by, live great and do not let go of any opportunity to become greater.

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This Is Courtesy of Lanre Madiba! 

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